Current Thoughts: March 2018

  • Hubs & I recently tried Ancestry DNA. The results were a little unexpected at first! Mine came back basically what we had thought his would be- to the point I really would have thought the samples got mixed up- except it linked him to known family members. I had only a tiny idea about what mine would say, but it's interesting. The gegoraphical regions are somewhat contestable and random- Hubs was wondering where in the world his known German heritage was but then saw that it was included in both of the geographical regions he belonged too, but not as a primary.  Hardly exact, but a fun starting point. 

Other people's opinion of you are none of your business.
 This was a line from a quote shared at my workout the other day, and I can't get it out of my head. Love, love, love. I'm come to realize that what we think of others typically reflects way more about us than about them, and this line sums that up perfectly.

  • I feel like there is too much hyperbole going on in the news and politics right now- by both sides. Yes, there are drastic things going on. But outrage often begets outrage and passion overshadows rationality. I'm not saying do nothing, I'm not saying scale back...but everything is drastic all the time, nothing is actually viewed as drastic. Let's channel outrage into logical, optimistic action. Treat others as you want to be treated- treat them the way you want them to treat others- lead by example. Even when they are wrong...maybe especially if they are wrong

  • The weather here is being super teasing. It was a beautiful 75 last weekend. Met a friend at the used bookstore, she came with Babycakes & I to the park was gorgeous and hopeful and apparently I am turning into a summer person? Now we have a winter weather advisory and I'm done.

  •  I'm finally catching up on Dr Who, thanks to a lengthy trial Amazon Prime membership (yay, student discounts)! OMG, so glad Clara's run is finally over...BLAH. Loving Bill & Nardole, so much more fun. 

  • Babycakes is currently very into the color pink & hearts. I blame Valentine's Day- she was SO HAPPY with all her Valentine's Day treats! Cute but also very not me, so interesting.

  • While I like to think of myself as an Amy Pond, this episode of the Verity Podcast really makes me feel like I might be a Rose...because I swear they are talking about me. 

What's up with you lately?

Show Us Your Books: March 2018

It's been a pretty good reading month! I've gotten into the habit of getting up early to drink my coffee and house is messier (that's my normal cleaning time) but my soul is happier.

With that, let's get to the books.

I enjoyed this. It's about Christianity from a definitely modern and liberal slant. But it delved into some history and went into things like the sacraments which I have been wanting to learn about. I could have used even more of that, honestly (it was a chapter). Being the nerd that I am, I LOVED that each chapter had 3-5 questions at the end, which I used as journal prompts kind of each morning.

A lovely and wonderful fictional family drama. It really reminded me of different personalities within my own family, and felt so relateable. 100% right up my ally and I loved it.

I feel like parenting books automatically make some people go "Nope." And obviously I can't give my children the same type of solid, cohesive community that the Amish have (although it honestly reminded me a lot of the cohesion that was referred to in France in Bringing Up Bebe). But by the end it was really more about learning about the Amish lifestyle, which I really enjoyed and got into. As someone who shares a lot of the Christian values mentioned, I loved how dedicated they were to their beliefs and how they put faith into action. In this day and age of hypocrisy and flip-flopping and news/opinion overload, it was beautiful to read about that type of dedication.

Pandemonium and Requiem by Lauren Oliver
I read Delirium last year (?) and enjoyed it. Truthfully, just needed a somewhat "easy" read, and reading about any kind of Resistance is kind of awesome right now. Yes, casualties always occur...but hope and durability are powerful things.

What have you been reading this month? 
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Life According to Steph

I Never Have It All

Some days, I am a hot mess- in all aspects.

Some days, my hair needs washing and dry shampoo just can't hide that fact.

Some days, I am the only mom who doesn't make Valentine's Day goodie bags for my kids daycare class (I took cookies for the party- didn't know goodies bags for ONE YEAR OLDS were a thing).

Some days, I forget to eat breakfast and get very frustrated with myself for that ignoring a basic human need. 

Some days, my kid seems to do nothing but tantrum and I loose my cool and tantrum back.

Some days, I am just a little too late to work for no reason at all. 


Some days, I wear lipstick and heels and love how I look.

Some days, I survive the tantrum and have the patience to help my kid learn how to do chores and she doesn't ask for the TV once.

Some days, the barista at Starbucks makes my drink perfectly.

Some days, the temperature gets to 70 and reminds me that summer is coming and things just feel a bit lighter.

Some days, I manage to get a 99 on a quiz that I completed at work so I didn't have to sacrifice family time.

No one ever really has it all- at least not on the same day. But some days...I get really, really good stuff. 

Three Things: Nerdy Things

1. I am a proud Ravenclaw. I appreciate that they aren't just the smart house, but also the quirky house.

2. My favorite era of Dr. Who is 11+Ponds (all the Ponds).

3. Nerdy characters I have often been compared to include: Rory Gilmore & Hermione Granger (love of learning), Monica Geller (control-freak & organizer), Temperance Bones (very literal and rely on statistics and facts when I get emotional).