Basic Christian Beliefs

I’ve written three different posts trying to provide a personal explanation of my beliefs about Christianity, and asked myself if I even knew the purpose of this seemingly grand statement.

The purpose is, to provide a clearer picture of myself by delving into my core beliefs.   

The purpose is to give a clear and concise statement outlining my world view, and somehow open the door to conversation about that rather than slamming it shut on those who may disagree.

For years, I didn’t talk about my faith on my blog.  The reasons for this are both complicated and very simpleThe simple version is this- when I originally began, I wasn’t solid in my faith.  I knew I believed in Jesus, and I called myself a Christian.

The difference between then and now is this: then, I wasn’t focusing my life on Christ.  I never doubted His existence, but I wasn’t sure what it meant to live as a Christian.  I didn’t believe that you had to give up things like drinking or tattoos for Jesus to accept you (still don’t).  Sadly, there were some Christians and some churches that did (and still do).  But I couldn’t move too far in the other direction and green light all behaviors under the guise of “love” (or what Jefferson Bethke  refers as “almost reverse fundamentalists” in Jesus>Religion).

I believe in that love, but I believe that sometimes love breaks your heart.  Sometimes love is tough.  For me, Christianity is neither a rule book nor a hiding place.

For me, right now my Christianity is focused on a few core beliefs. 

1) The existence of the Holy Trinity as outlined in the Bible (so God, Jesus Christ, & the Holy Spirit).  

2) That these beings are greater than I am or could be.  

3) That we are so loved by them that Jesus sacrificed His life so that we can have comfort in early life and peace in eternal life.  

4) That this love is so wondrous that once I tasted it, I wanted to center my life around Jesus who freely gave it.

At this point, it’s really that simple.  I am focusing on the big picture here.  One, because the idea of truly heavenly & Christ like grace and love is the most beautiful damn thing I’ve ever witnessed.  Two, because I am in no way prepared to deal with the details.  The only thing I am sure of in my life is that Jesus Christ is real and I want to devote my life to Him.  

I don’t know what that’s going to look like in five days or five months or five years.  I only know that I want to shut myself up and listen to Him, which sadly I have not done for the majority of my life.

I am not trying to push anyone toward anything.  Because I believe this so strongly, because I truly do believe that being a child of God is the greatest thing that could ever happen to us, of course I would love too see others saved.  And if I could be used to help with that- it would be an honor.
However, Pines and Palmettos is not a place to glorify myself or my religious choice, or to force anything down your throat.  That is the opposite of what I want.  It is a place for me to share and explore my life, and that all hinges on Christ.

I just love Jesus, y’all.  

And He loves me back.  And I’m going to be discussing that relationship, because I want to do all I can to know Him and praise Him and serve Him-whatever that ends up meaning.  It won’t be a smooth journey (is it ever?), and I’m sure I’ll screw up along the way (don’t we always?). 

But that’s the thing about Jesus- He already knows, and He loves anyway.

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